2yr old blue and gold macaw very sweet guy already talking says 3 things he will come with his large cage and all his toys and xtra toys that dont fit in cage yet even a free standing perch please email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 contact me for more information
Hyacinth Macaw Parrot available to good home with good knowledge of these type of birds + past experience is a must. Never feather plucked, excellent coloring. Only selling due to downsizing of our house and renovation work being carried out by ourselves so not able to give him much attention.email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
Hyacinths are truly the dream bird for all bird lovers. The Hyacinth macaw can attain the total length of up to 42 inches and have a beak pressure that can easily disassemble a welded wrought iron cage bar by bar in a very short time. In spite of their tremendous strength, this is one of the most laid back and easy-going of all of the Macaws.email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 24...
I have a very sweet blue and gold Macaw, not DNA sexed. Name is Bucky. I am asking $850 for him and a cage. He is an excellent talker, loves to sing and dance.email:(cameronmills123456@gmail.com) or Text (724) 241-3049 website:http://exoticbirdseggs.com/
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